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Following Up on the Post about Bass Guitar Teachers

This is a survey to follow up on my last post about why you should have a teacher to help you learn bass guitar. Thanks for participating. (Question 1) Do you think a teacher is necessary to learn bass guitar? … Continue reading

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Why Should You Study Bass Guitar With A Teacher?

I’ve considered writing about subject for quite a while. My own background has something to do with it. I started guitar right after Christmas at age 5 ½. My first teacher always appeared to be an ordinary sort of “backwoods … Continue reading

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A Blues Practice Example

After all the intensive theory posts, here’s a quick little example of a semi-funky blues bass line in A. It was fun for me, as I did the entire thing without picking up a bass. Here’s the video: You can … Continue reading

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I IV V Progressions with Substitutions

The next part of our adventure into harmony deals with chord substitutions. We’re going to take the typical blues-oriented I7, IV7, V7 progression and do some substitutions for the IV chord. The chords in this progression are (key of C) … Continue reading

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The Major Scale – Modes and Chords

The next chapter of our adventure into harmony concerns the Major Scale and its chords as well as modes. The major scale is a sequence of 7 notes than operates in a specific whole step/half step pattern across the octave. … Continue reading

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