Skype Lessons Now Available!

As you have probably noticed, my posting levels have gone way down over the last few months. Back in October, I had major surgery which kept me from doing all but the most basic things for quite a while. Everything is pretty much back to normal but some changes have been made.

I recently moved to Hickory, North Carolina. This change in location affords me some great options and requires me to make some changes to service students. I will continue in-studio lessons from my home in Hickory but I will now also be offering lessons via Skype. Being in a more isolated area than before, lessons via Skype fill a need for students who can’t travel this far and will allow me to work with students from anywhere in the world.

At my current location, the internet connection has lots of bandwidth and great speed, so Skype is now a practical option. Check the Lessons Info and Rates for more information.


About Dwight Mabe

I've playing music since the age of 5...a really, really long time. I've been teaching bass guitar and double bass for over 30 years, writing about music and bass guitar for nearly as long.
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