Random Finger Sequences for Warming Up

I started using these combinations way back when I first realized that scales didn’t warm up all the fingers and hands nor cover all the possible combinations. Since I was doing considerable sight reading at the time and never really knew what might come up in a rehearsal, I developed these by accident to cover the entire fingerboard and make it all more a bit comfortable from the start. It dawned on me when I saw both Tony Grey and Scott Devine showing very similar exercises in some of their online lessons that they are useful.

Fast forward 40 years plus and I have hand and wrist pain from time to time. Some of it comes from not playing anywhere near the amount of gigs that I used to and the rest is due to age. I don’t make any sort of claim that it will cure whatever pain you might have but they are a good part of a warm up.

So I have now re-instated them in my own routine at the initial warm up. The possible combinations are:

1234 1243 1324 1342
1423 1432 2134 2143
2314 2341 2413 1431
3124 3142 3214 3241
3412 3421 4123 4132
4213 4231 4312 4321

Start at the lowest frets and do the sequences across the strings up and down, then shift up one fret and continue all the way up and back down, one finger to a fret.

I recommend doing at least one of these per day as a step to begin your warm up. Do them the entire length of the fingerboard – cover all the frets and strings you have. Have fun with them.


About Dwight Mabe

I've playing music since the age of 5...a really, really long time. I've been teaching bass guitar and double bass for over 30 years, writing about music and bass guitar for nearly as long.
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