An Experiment – The Conclusion


This is my final report on the copper-infused compression gloves. First, I will continue to wear them before and after playing/practicing. Here are my conclusions:

  1. They do seem to help. I have less pain and less muscle soreness when I wear them as above.
  2. The compression definitely helps. My impression is that it keeps you moving in a better alignment.
  3. As for the copper, I really don’t know. I’ve seen pro and con alike for the use of copper. The only true way to find out would be to use just compression gloves without copper.

As far as recommending them, I can say that they might be worth it given the low price. But it would take some real lab research to verify their actual efficacy. If you decide to try some, post some comments here and let me know your thoughts.




About Dwight Mabe

I've playing music since the age of 5...a really, really long time. I've been teaching bass guitar and double bass for over 30 years, writing about music and bass guitar for nearly as long.
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2 Responses to An Experiment – The Conclusion

  1. Art Araya says:

    i use compression gloves at night. they are made for people with arthritic hands. no copper. the compression and warmth are what help the hands. these do bring comfort.

    i think the copper is snake oil however. I tried copper bracelets in the past based on their promises and saw NO RESULTS.

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