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September 2, 2012, The Blind Tiger, Greensboro NC

My first foray into a solo set in quite a while. The tunes are:

Big City Cowboy – A little bit of banjo style with a drone string throughout the fingerpicking.

Dahni’s Lullaby – Based on an interview with Dahni Harrison about his dad’s use of Diminished chords

Euterpe’s Lyra – A tribute to my own muse

The Sound of Music – Yes, I really did play this. All to kick off the rest of the show.

Older Videos
Here are some really, really old links to a band I was with in the 80s called The Graphic. We were one of the also-rans from that time period. We stayed on the road nearly constantly for six years, played everywhere, sold some records but just never quite caught on. The first video is from a song called “It’s My Dance” by Brad Newell, the guitarist in the band who wrote most of the songs. The bass line is very prominent but very simple. The opening is D major and G major arpeggios along a scalar line with some inversions. The rest  of the tune is mostly root notes with a very few lead-ins. During the guitar solo, there is only one note from the bass – D but with slow crescendoing rhythm and volume. Remember, it was the 80s.

The next one is a studio video for the audio track called “I Dream Alone” by Treva Brackett, the singer. The bass line is a little rockabilly and the song is kinda fun. Still from the 80s, remember that.

This is a great documentary on how bass works.

More to come as I begin to resurrect the old audio and video.


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