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Practice Tips

Practicing isn’t really a “whatever works for you” type of skill. It is a vital skill that we all need to use more efficiently. I’ve been revisiting the jazz standard Donna Lee (originally attributed to Charlie Parker but seems to … Continue reading

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A Test Lesson

I have several spots open for lessons either via Skype or in my home studio (Hickory, NC). It’s the time of the year to fill up those slots, so I’m offering some incentives to new and returning students. I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Slonimsky – First Look

I’ve been digging through the Slonimsky book for a couple of weeks now. It uses several terms that are a bit unusual, so  I recommend anyone trying it to keep a good music dictionary or music theory dictionary at hand. And before we … Continue reading

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Diminished Scales and More: Nicolas Slonimsky

The diminished scale has always fascinated me. I understand the 8 notes, half-step, whole step or whole step, half step variations. Lots of musicians from many different genres have used it such as John Coltrane, Jaco Pastorius and Frank Zappa. But after seeing a post by … Continue reading

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Sight Reading – Some helpful tips

Sight reading requires 2 major skills and few sub-points to work: You have to know the written language of music – notation, dynamics, rhythm, etc., very well to sight read effectively. 2.  You must know where every single note possible on your … Continue reading

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Lesson Inquiry     

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Time To Get Started Again – Bass Lessons for Back to School!

It’s time to get started with bass lessons. Whether you’re returning from a summer break or just getting started, now’s the time. For in-school students, get a head start on the upcoming year with band, orchestra or jazz band. For … Continue reading

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An Experiment – The Conclusion

This is my final report on the copper-infused compression gloves. First, I will continue to wear them before and after playing/practicing. Here are my conclusions: They do seem to help. I have less pain and less muscle soreness when I … Continue reading

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An Experiment – 2

I been using these copper-infused compression gloves now since May 29th. I’ve also done some  reading and research but there is little to be found. I found some comments from from former users and current users. My first response is … Continue reading

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An Experiment

I’m not one who looks at every alternative “medical” thing that comes along, at least now (I did when I was much younger). But in the last 7-8 years I have been having some pain when playing bass. It used … Continue reading

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