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Does Everything Work The Same On Bass Guitar If You Are Left-Handed?

The answer to the headline question is “yes, but….”. I am left-handed. I have always played with my left hand on the fingerboard and the right hand plucking or holding a pick. I started guitar and didn’t know there was … Continue reading

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The Blues Scale

The Blues scale is critical to both rock and jazz, although there are some variations between the two genre’s usages. The concept of a “blues” scale is different from most other scales in that there are 2 notes in the … Continue reading

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Scales – Part One, Pentatonic Major and Minor

There are lots of treatises and scholarly writings available about the subject of scales. I have a slightly different approach to introducing scales to students. I always start with the most basic scales for bass guitar, begining with Pentatonic scales. … Continue reading

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Duck Dunn Dies While on Tour in Japan

Bass icon Donald “Duck” Dunn has passed away while on tour in Japan. Dunn was one of the primary influences on the bass guitar world, ranking with greats James Jamerson and Jaco Pastorius. Rest in peace, Duck Here’s a video … Continue reading

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Reading Music – The Importance of Sight Reading

Among musicians, a common discussion is whether the ability to read music is necessary. In a studio session setting, there is no question. To be successful, one has to read music and read it well. But as most of you … Continue reading

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Make no mistake about it; playing bass guitar is a very physical endeavor. Add to that the inherent stress of performing live in front of an audience and you can have some real challenges. I learned this the hard way, … Continue reading

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