Lesson Info and Rates

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Taking lessons can be a great thing for anyone who has an interest in bass guitar. I’ve been teaching bass for over 30 years and I’m very well-skilled in all levels and all styles.

Each student will get a complete evaluation at the first lesson. This covers assessing the student’s skill level, his musical interests and his goals for studying bass. This is also re-assessed at regular intervals to make sure both student and teacher agree on what is trying be accomplished.

At each lesson the student will be given a practice assignment to be worked on for the next lesson. There is no substitute for regular practice and the instructor will go over a basic schedule for the student’s practice and make sure that both agree that it can be met.

Lessons are customized for each and every student. Learning to read music is not a requirement for many students. Eventually all students will need to learn music theory and reading if they want to progress to a more advanced level.

I am currently based in the Western Piedmont of North Carolina in Hickory. Recently, I began teaching lessons online with Skype. This is a great option as the student takes the lessons right in his own home.

Lesson Rates are as follows:

  1. A standard lesson is 45 minutes long and costs $25 per lesson. A lesson via Skype is $20.
  2. A 30 minute lesson is available and is sometimes best for younger students. It is $22 per lesson. A 30 minute lesson via Skype is $ 18 per lesson
  3. All lessons are paid one month (4 lessons) in advance.
  4. Make-up lessons will be done as the schedule for student and instructor permits.
  5. Cancellations require a 24 hour notice except in case of emergency.

To sign up for lessons, leave a comment below or email me directly at dwightmabe@gmail.com or call 336-314-1576.


6 Responses to Lesson Info and Rates

  1. jordan says:

    hi I just started and been looking for an instructor and so far u r the onely one I have found in my buget so when u get a chance plese concat me 🙂


  2. Dwight Mabe says:

    I just sent you a reply to your comments above with some basic information on what we need to get started.


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